Why Us

Are you an agency who would benefit from access to development and design skills in order to be able to flex your own workforce and capability? At Jump 24 we work in partnership with many of the UK’s top advertising and marketing agencies, providing:

  • Skills and expertise that you may not possess internally
  • Additional capacity at those times when you are fully utilised and would otherwise need to turn down or delay work
  • Experience that we can lend to your proposals in order to secure new projects

A Part of Your Team

As a development studio we do not compete or offer the same services as our agency partners and are able to work in a very transparent manner, often bringing different perspective to your projects.

Commercially we can work within a number of different models to suit your project’s requirements and budget including:

  • Fixed price for defined outcomes
  • Hourly rate for required resource (physically located with your team if required)
  • Fixed capacity provided over a specified time

We are able to provide:

  • Digital design
  • Front End Web Development (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery)
  • Back End Server Development (PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Memcache)
  • Mobile Development (Responsive Web, iOS and Android)

We have numerous examples of recent work with our partners which we would be happy to discuss to demonstrate our capability. Some specific examples include:

Backend Development

We built an API to encapsulates a number of other third party APIs to make it easier for our agency client to develop a mobile App. By doing this they could simplify the app through not having to communicate with multiple endpoints to get the required data, instead only communicating with our new single application layer. This simplified the agencies development and in turn allowed them to be more responsive to their client. As a bonus we also improved the speed of the app for users by caching the most common requests within our API, since we now had complete visibility on all app calls to all services.

Front & Backend Development

We were asked to build a site that would allow users to login to a third party service to purchase products and custom print items using credit they had acquired via the same the third party service. We built both the front end using WordPress to give the admin the ability to add products via a simple UI as well as the bespoke back end which we developed in PHP / Laravel.

Platforms we develop for

  • php-logo
  • laravel-i-slant
  • WordPress
  • vue-logo