When is it time for a change?

For a little over 7 years I’ve been working as a front end developer and designer. My choice of design applications has never changed.

Over the past few years I’ve noticed an influx of new design tools available to designers, but still I stuck to my comfort zone. Photoshop. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I’m adverse to change, but in a busy studio, Photoshop is just quicker for me to use. I know all the shortcuts I need, how to create complex assets, and the ease of moving between Photoshop and Illustrator suited me.

As a designer, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, I’m never satisfied. Jump 24 released a new look at the beginning of 2015, as the months passed each time I looked at our website I wasn’t happy. Aesthetically there was nothing wrong with it, but for me it just wasn’t good enough. So when Christmas approached and things started to quieten down I decided to give our site a refresh. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try something new, I had been scoping out Sketch for a while and as I had some extra time to get acquainted with a new app I decided to give it a go.

The Verdict

Getting started with Sketch was pain free, the interface was simple, clean and intuitive. I like the idea of having all the designs for a website/app all in one project file, it makes it easier to check that styles are consistent across pages without having to open multiple PSD’s. One of the best (and time saving) features for me, was the ability to set styles for components, whether it was headers, buttons or quotes, removing any inconsistencies in the designs.

I did still find myself going back to Photoshop on the odd occasion, but that was mainly to edit photos. I know Sketch has basic photo editing capabilities (which I only noticed once I had finished!), but for complex photo editing your best bet would be Photoshop and importing the files into Sketch.

Overall, Sketch did everything I needed it to, plus more.

Will I stick to Sketch…? Yes.

I haven’t familiarised myself with all the features available, but just like any new app, the more you use it, the easier it becomes.

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