Why we decided to use Laravel

For the last 10 years I’ve been lucky enough to work in an industry that I really enjoy. In that time I’ve worked for a number of different agencies and been involved in a number of small and large scale projects.

This has allowed me to work with various PHP frameworks and different Content Management Systems.

Through this experience I have learned to choose the right tools for the job at hand, be it CodeIgniter, Zend, Laravel, WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

At Jump Twenty Four we aim to make every project we build as elegant as the last, be it a client side or server side project,it doesn’t matter to us. We’re not finished until we deliver something that the client is happy with.

Before we start a project the development team will sit down and discuss everything that we believe the project needs, the infrastructure that we think will be required and most importantly how we will go develop it.

This has allowed us to complete a number of projects on a number of differing platforms and CMSs up to this point in time.

The most recent larger projects have been built with the Laravel framework, as well as a number of micro services that go alongside them which we built with Lumen. They have been a pleasure to work on and in my opinion, this has largely been down to Laravel.

Laravel has some fantastic documentation available which is simple and easy to use, and has a superb community of developers using it that are always happy to help out with any advice they can offer.

Using it has allowed us to increase our productivity, as well as produce more manageable code, which is backed by rigorous testing.

More importantly, it has allowed us to produce an end result that the team and the client are truly happy with.

Platforms we develop for

  • php-logo
  • laravel-i-slant
  • WordPress
  • vue-logo