Our Clients

Le Scarpe

Le Scarpe is a boutique store in Solihull offering its clientele international labels and specialist niche designers, the store showcases and retails an extensive collection of shoes and accessories.

Le Scarpe needed a easy to use platform similar to an e-commerce site, but without the cart functionality. The site originally used Shopify, but we felt that the clients need didn’t require such a platform so we chose something a bit simpler.

LeScarpe Website


107 SportLine rebuild the iconic R107SL. The car combines that classic Mercedes-Benz grand tourer feel with the eagerness of a modern sports car.

The SportLine was just an idea, after restoring many cars and many customers asking for improvement, the new Sportline was born.


Voltes Design LTD

Voltes Design sell accessories for Tesla cars. These range from small body modifications such as new door trim or badges through to full body kits changing the overall look of the tesla.

Voltes Website


Frontline Developments manufacture luxury hand built British sports cars. They approached us to modernise their website, wanting something that could show off the quality of the beautiful cars that they build. Over a period of 3 weeks we then worked with Frontline to design and build a site that showed off their cars most importantly could be updated by them on an ongoing basis.

The result? Within 24 hours of the site going live they had sold a car via the site to a customer over 5,000 miles away.

Frontline Website


Patina is the digital platform for car history, helping users to preserve and enhance the history of their cars in a secure digital record. Initially available on mobile only, we were asked to design and develop a web platform that allowed the viewing of content shared from mobile devices. Since this first web release, Jump have been totally responsible for the Patina web platform, developing it into an app that is used globally by tens of thousands of car enthusiasts.

Get Patina Website

Amber Energy

Amber Energy were established in 2009 with the goal of becoming one of the UK’s leading and most respected Energy Management Companies.

Amber Energy approached us to build their new website using designs which they had had designed by another agency. They needed the ability for team members to be able to update the content throughout the site, it also needed to be responsive meaning it would well across all devices be it table, desktop or mobile.

Amber Energy Website

Student Energy Project

The Student Energy Project is a sister company of Amber Energy, offering rewards to students who save energy.

TSEP work with private student accommodation companies to monitor energy usage in their halls, and encourage students to do small things such as turning off lights when not in use, and rewarding them for it.

Student Energy Project Website

Amber Insights

Amber Insights is another sister company of Amber Energy. It’s purpose is to allow clients to manage their energy budgets, and allow them to see the best time for them to purchase their energy. Showing them any rise/fall in prices, and also a baseline for the prices.

Amber Insights Website
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We have many more projects we wish we could share with you… we work with some of the biggest companies in the UK across all sectors via our agency relationships.

For Us

CubeSensors PHP Package

We all know that the environment around us has a major effect on how we live and work. To get a better insight we decided to look what was currently available on the market that we could use to gain these insights. a device that would take a range of readings such as temperature, light levels and air quality. As well as this we wanted a device that had an API that would allow us to use the data is was producing in a way that we wanted to.

Platforms we develop for

  • php-logo
  • laravel-i-slant
  • WordPress
  • vue-logo