Frontline Developments was established in 1991 to improve the underpinnings and ultimately enhance the driving experience of classic MG cars. Almost 25 years on Frontline is the global leader in the supply of bespoke hand restored MGs and aftermarket parts and has gained unrivalled accolade through some of the world’s greatest motoring press, drivers and fellow design engineers.

Frontline approached Jump for a new, revitalised web presence wanting something that could show off the quality of the beautiful cars that they build. The result? Within 24 hours of the site going live they had sold a car via the site to a customer over 5,000 miles away.

Our Approach

Visual Engagement

After visiting the Frontline studio and having a sneak peak at the amazing craftsmanship of the MG’s they were building we knew exactly how to show off the work they did. Our approach was to engage users visually, not just by showing off the finished custom builds, but also capture the environment, the culture and the people. Everybody that works at Frontline have a true passion for what they do and we wanted to show potential clients that what you get from Frontline is a personal service, with dedication and care.

Photography Led Design

We were lucky enough to have been given some amazing photography which captured the entire build process and set the right tone for the business. We intended to maximise the use of the photography in all areas of the website. From meeting clients, creating the interiors of the car, mechanical work and the final product. We catalogued the entire process to give everyone an insightful overview to the work and care that went into building these custom MG’s.

Photo credits: Amy Shore


After looking at the requirements of the project and frontline needs for the website we knew that there would need to be some form of CMS that would allow them to update content on a regular basis. We decided to use WordPress as our CMS system and setup various custom post types that would allow them to add new vehicles and parts to the site as quickly and easily as possible.

By assigning various custom fields to these new post types it allowed us to give them the ability to build vehicle pages packed with great information and to fully utilise the great photography that they have had done.

We also made sure that the site would look and work well across all devices from mobile up to desktop.

Platforms we develop for

  • php-logo
  • laravel-i-slant
  • WordPress
  • vue-logo