Le Scarpe is a boutique store in Solihull offering its clientele international labels and specialist niche designers, the store showcases and retails an extensive collection of shoes and accessories.

Le Scarpe originally had an online store using Shopify, which no longer served the needs of our client. The buy online functionality was no longer needed, so we needed to come up an alternative solution which made it easy for our client to update and add products, whilst encouraging users to enquire online or visit the store for more details on the products.

Our Approach

The approach we took when it came to designing Le Scarpe, was to keep in clean and crisp. Even though the site wouldn’t be taking orders we still wanted the user to have the same experience as using an online store minus the checkout stage. We wanted to create something which not only showcased the high end products Le Scarpe offer but also the boutique feel you experience when you’re in store.


Having previously used Shopify, Le Scarpe were familiar to the process of adding and editing products via CSV. We didn’t want to deviate away from something which was already familiar to the client and we also wanted to use a system which made it easy to build on in the future. We opted to use WordPress along with WooCommerce for the shop functionality. By using WordPress we were able to provide the client with more flexibility for general pages on the site, which are all self updatable as well as being able to offer users a quick and easy way to view products across the site.

Platforms we develop for

  • php-logo
  • laravel-i-slant
  • WordPress
  • vue-logo