Our Expertise


Want to build an MVP or prototype for your new product? We design and build rapid prototypes for companies and agencies big and small in as little as 20 days, ready for you to test with your target audience or present to your clients. Contact us to discuss your next big idea.


Having a beautiful looking website is great… but it’s only half of what’s needed for a successful website. Before delving into designs we look at the best way for your target customers to have an easy and enjoyable experience, helping them find what they’re looking for in a few clicks as possible! We help you craft your key messages and display them in digestible and clear way that’s visually appealing to the user.


With the sheer amount of different technologies that can be used to develop web applications it can be confusing sometimes to decide which platform to use, this is where we come in. With our knowledge and experience we can choose the best route for you needs, be it MySQL with PHP or MongoDB and Node.

Mobile & Native Apps

App Store or not? Android or iOS? mobile or native are these the kind of questions you’ve already asked yourself? Don’t worry we can help! After sitting down with you and discussing your apps requirements we can answer these questions thanks to our experience of building native and mobile apps

Our Approach



Before we start any project we like to get to know our clients and find out a little about you. What is the culture of your business, your ethos as well as your current and future goals? The more we get to know about your story, the easier it is to craft something which reflects you and your business.



We’re all about collaboration, so we like to get you involved as much or as little as you like. We’ll sit down with you to talk about ideas on content, design and the best way to get the most out of your website or application.



We’re on hand for any questions before, during and after the project is complete. We always support our clients whether it is formal agreement or on a more casual basis such as introducing you to new ideas which can benefit your business.

Our Team

Tim Joslyn

Founder & Commercial Director

Tim has a background in building, advising and investing in technology companies. He is one of co-founders of Jump, having worked with the founding team over a number of years and recognising the potential to create a unique and innovative digital studio.

On a day to day basis Tim looks after the boring bits of the business, the non-creative stuff. As a rule of thumb if the task involves numbers then he is probably behind it!

Daniel Newns

Founder & Lead Developer

Dan leads the development at Jump24 he has a background in agency life, after working for a number of successful agencies he thought he would take all the knowledge he had accumulated throughout that time and start a agency for himself.

As well as enjoying being a developer Dan also has a keen interest in running and tries to enter as many events as possible throughout the year.

Anneka Mistry

Lead Designer

Anneka is Jumps lead designer and front end developer. She is the go to person to help you turn your ideas and messages into something visually appealing and easy to use for your clients. Anneka has worked for a number of agencies, gaining experience and allowing her to refine and find her style; drawing inspiration from not only the digial design community but photography, street art, architecture and fashion.

Alex Williams

Senior Developer

Alex is a Web Developer with a big passion for PHP and more recently the Laravel Framework. Alex loves working with exciting new technologies and applying them to projects. When not developing he has a keen interest in football and cooking.

Platforms we develop for

  • php-logo
  • laravel-i-slant
  • WordPress
  • vue-logo